Meal Planning 2.4.19

Doesn’t a clean pantry just set you up for success in the kitchen? I was so excited to order containers from amazon and organize everything in my pantry so it would be easy to find and so glad I did it. It forced me to go through everything and throw out anything that was expired and condense things that I had multiple of.

Since I have a nice neat pantry, it also helps with meal planning! I know now I don’t need any more nutritional yeast because I had about 3 bags and now I can see what I have. Such a time and money saver! Here’s what I’m making for dinner this week-

Super Bowl dinner– I made twigs in a blanket, cilantro lime hummus, and Mexican layer dip. We were so full after those that we ended up not even making the burgers and fries.

Mediterranean Falafel bowls- I’m making these as we speak and can’t wait! I made saffron brown rice, baking falafel using mix from Trader Joe’s, and I’m roasting yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and red onion with lemon juice and oregano. I made a thinner hummus as the sauce. Yum!

White Mac n Cheeze and Brussels- I’m making a potato based white sauce for the Mac and roasting brussel sprouts until crispy for a balanced dinner.

Veggie Gyoza and Veggies- This is an easy dinner idea. I’m just cooking some frozen veggie gyozas from Trader Joe’s and sautéing some veggies to have on the side in a soy based sauce.

Tofu Curry Ramen Bowl- I’m making some crispy tofu and making a red curry based broth to cook my instant ramen noodles in. I’ll add in some veggies and it’ll be so good!

Bean Burritos- I’m going to make these easy bean burritos with guacamole, beans, maybe some rice, and toppings.

I hope you’re having a great week! These falafels smell done so I’ll be on my way!

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