Hi blog readers!

My name is Michele Blair and I became vegan in 2017.  I’m in my …later 20’s and am a 2nd grade teacher at a wonderful school. My class name is the Bakers to match my hobby and they reap the benefits (if they are behaving)! I got married to my husband Josh in 2016 and we live in Roswell, Georgia. We are doing this lifestyle change together to be our healthiest selves and I’m so thankful we’re doing this as a team. We have a Cavapoo puppy named Louis and he’s the sweetest, craziest, cutest puppy, but he has enough energy for the whole litter I believe. I’ve always loved cooking and my Easy Bake Oven was my favorite childhood toy, besides my Barbie jeep of course. I started cooking for my family and my mom was thrilled to get out of the job!  I love to host and cook for parties, and I love the way my food makes people feel loved. I haven’t cooked many meals for others recently since we’ve changed our diet, so I want to prove that they don’t need to be weary of what we eat and should be excited about flavorful foods that they might not have tried before. I’m by no means saying I’m a professional chef and I know what I’m doing, or that my food will look like a piece from Van Gogh, but it’s something I really enjoy. Also, becoming vegan made my creativity and energy to cook come into focus because I was determined that I was not going to lose my love for food and cooking just because a few  many food groups were eliminated. I hope this blog will hone my skills, give myself motivation, receive needed advice from others, and share what I’ve learned with you. I hope to share my weekly menu, the recipes I’ve used, if and how I adjusted them, pictures, tips, and more. Thanks for reading!