Meal Planning 5.18.19

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t left a weekly meal plan in a while, it’s been busy the past few weekends. I sat down yesterday and planned out the dinners for this week before we go to the beach. It’s the last week of school so I planned some fast and easy meals because I know it’ll be a crazy week ahead. I’m aiming for the majority of my food to be whole foods plant based and I’ve been having a berry spinach smoothie every morning before school. Hope everyone has a great week and these ideas help you with your meal planning this week!

Potato & Chickpea Salad- I’m about to make this for lunch and I’m going to bake up some potatoes and chickpeas and put them over lettuce and other veggies. I’ll probably make a maple mustard dressing and keep it simple.

Nachos- I’m going to bake corn tortillas to make homemade chips and top them with black beans, corn, toppings, and the leftover fiesta cashew dip.

Lentil Sloppy Joes- I forgot about these and we used to make them pretty often. They’re really tasty and I’m going to grill some corn on the cobb as a side.

Curry Quinoa and Veggies- I’m going to make this simple curry spiced quinoa one pot meal with frozen mixed veggies. Simple, cheap, and flavorful for an easy meal.

Pasta with Veggies and Marinara- I got the protein packed lentil spaghetti from Trader Joe’s and I’m going to mix with zucchini, and mushrooms then marinara.

Vegetable Gyozas and Wok Veggies- frozen gyozas from Trader Joe’s on a bed of soy sautéed veggies. Easy peasy!

These are some really simple vegan meals that are still healthy, fast, and make me feel good eating.

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