Meal Planning 12.29.18

I can’t believe it’s my last week of meal planning for 2018 and the start of 2019! This year has been thankfully full of mostly positives which is amazing. We’ve traveled to Bahamas, Las Vegas, my parents’ beach house, Italy, and the mountains. Josh just started a new job geared more towards his career of choice and he has one more semester of school. We have a new niece and my best friend and my bestie cousin both got married this year. I have a really sweet class and Louis is starting to calm down. We’re thankful for a year with no major downs and good health! Here’s to an ever better 2019 if it can top that!

Josh got me a Vitamix for Christmas and I’m still learning how to use it but I made the blueberry nice cream bowl (above) with it the other day. I just blended frozen bananas, mangoes, and blueberries with a dash of plant milk and topped with an oatmeal cookie and coconut chips.

I got the vegan cookbooks I asked for on Christmas and I loved looking through them to meal plan this week. I’ve loved bosh tv’s recipes on Instagram and their cookbook doesn’t disappoint. They’re geared towards vegan comfort food without too many ingredients. Here’s what I planned for the last week (and first week) of the year!

Lentil Nachos- This was a last minute idea once I saw the new cashew nacho cheeze sauce at Trader Joe’s this morning and date night out has become football and nacho night in. I grabbed a bag of the lowest fat tortilla chips I could find and I’m going to use some of the lentils I bought to make a kind of taco filling and top chips with that, warm cheeze sauce, and toppings.

Shepard’s Potatoes- This is from Bosh and they looked so good. Instead of making a Shepard’s pie, you’re making it inside a baked potato. It’s a cross between a Shepard’s pie and twice baked potato.

New Year’s Eve- The past few New Years we’ve laid low and stayed home with just the two of us. I attempt to make dumplings from scratch and this year I hope they turn out better than last year’s batch! I’m making veggie dumplings and tofu lettuce wraps, yum! With prosecco of course!

Portobello Burgers- I’ve made these before, but I’m going to make Bosh’s version. A marinated and baked portobello on top of a crispy bun, yes please! I’m making baking sweet potato fries on the side.

Crispy Tofu Bowl- I’m going to make an oil free version of this Bosh recipe and add in mushrooms and green beans. It’s crispy tofu and veggies in a sweet chili kind of sauce over rice, yum!

Roasted Chickpea Veggie Bowl- I’m just going to roast up some veggies and chickpeas over spinach and brown rice for a simple and healthy meal.

Pad Thai- I’m going to do my best to make something similar to this Bosh recipe without some of the ingredients like tamarind and peanuts that I don’t have. I think it’ll still be tasty because it’s noodles!

I hope this gives you enough ideas to meal plan for your week. I feel like this time of year is always my hardest to get back on track because I don’t want to stop eating chocolate and treats. I want to keep ordering take out because I’m tired! My body is saying back to veggies and whole foods, and my brain is saying more Christmas crack! Now! Hopefully these recipes will help me get back into the swing of things ASAP!

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