Meal Planning 11.25.18

To say I stuffed myself to the brim on Thanksgiving and the day after would be an understatement, yet I still want another piece of pie since I was too full to have it last night! That means it’s time to get back in a healthy eating routine before Christmas parties and goodies arrive! Yesterday I made Josh and I this fruit plate for breakfast to share for a healthy way to start the day. I mixed some PB2 with cocoa powder and water to make a fruit dip and I topped it with rice crispies for a little texture. I added apples, clementines, blueberries, and banana and it was like a fun breakfast fondue party! Here’s what I’m making next week to get back on track.

White Bean Rosemary Soup– I’m making this protein and veggie packed soup with spices for a warm and tasty one pot dish.

Broccoli Cheeze Rice- Josh was requesting a rice bake like his like his mom makes so I asked her for the recipe. I have to figure out how to make cream of chicken soup vegan but I’ll make it good I hope!

Roasted Chickpea and Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl- I’m keeping it clean with a roasted sweet potato and chickpea bowl with kale, some other kind of veggies, and some kind of dressing I haven’t figured out yet!

Sushi Bowl topped with veggie spring rolls- I bought veggie spring rolls from Trader Joe’s that I plan on baking and adding them to brown rice, carrot, cucumber, and soy.

Portobello Fajitas- These are so tasty and I haven’t made them in a long time. Perfect for Mexican night!

Mac n Cheeze with a side of veggies- I’m making a veggie based cheezy sauce to mix with noodles and having a side of veggies.

Have a wonderful week and I hope some of these recipes help you meal plan for next week! Yum!

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