Meal Planning 9.16.18

Chana Masala

Yesterday a parent in my class surprised me with a whole vegan Indian meal. Parents, this is the way to your child’s teacher’s heart. We like food. It was such a thoughtful surprise and it was delicious! She made me Chana masala, clove rice, fry bread, and even had a container for toppings. What a treat! No matter how hard I try I can never make it taste as authentic. I’m going to be enjoying these goodies all weekend.

It’s one of my great friend’s birthday this week and for her present she’s getting lunch at work every day this week because she hates to cook and hates packing lunches even more. I planned to make some of her favorites and hopefully she’ll enjoy the week! It makes the day go nicely knowing you have a yummy lunch waiting for you.

Mexican Rice Bake– My friend’s request was “you know, the ricey quacamoley things you make” so I’m going to make a rice and black bean bake and top with guacamole.

Tofu Fried Rice- I have a leftover half a block of tofu so I’m going to mash it up and mix with lots of veggies and rice.

Hummus Pasta- I like hummus, I like pasta, so I will probably like this. You make hummus and thin it out to make a sauce and mix with pasta and spinach.

Veggie Sushi- This was one of her requests so I’m making it for her birthday day lunch. Everyone loves my veggie sushi!

Refried Bean Tacos- This was another one of her requests because she likes them so much. They’re tasty and easy, and the recipe is already on the blog.

BBQ Hoisin Pulled Portobello Sliders-OMG when I saw Erinireland on Insta make these sliders from Bosh tv, these went immediately on the menu. They look amazingly delicious. They look like a better version of my porkless hoisin sliders I get at Seed. Yum!

One more week until fall break and beach/ mountain time! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and if you make a charming chickpea recipe, please comment on insta with #thecharmingchickpea. Let’s see them!

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  1. Brooke Sanders says:

    That’s me! I’m the friend!! Thank you Michele! I’m looking forward to this week so much!! You’re the best!! ❤


    1. Hooray! I’m so excited to feed you! No tomatoes and carrots for you this week. 😘


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