Meal Planning 4.20.19

Mediterranean feast

Last night we stayed in and ordered this delicious spread of Mediterranean food which included falafel, Greek salad minus feta, Greek potatoes, pita and hummus/ baba ganush. It was such a delicious combination! I went ahead and did my grocery haul after work yesterday because I knew the day before Easter would be too crowded. I meal planned for Easter and the week after so I could just make one trip. For Easter we’re going to our usual neighbor brunch after church and then my grandma’s for dinner. I came up with some things to make ahead and bring so we’re set. I’ll make a separate post on how it all turned out, but this is what I have planned.

Easter- Brunch- Bagel spread, I’m going to have a tray of mini bagel halves and top them with different favorites like avocado, vegan cream cheese, and the Miyokos no lox cream cheese with cucumber and dill.

Dinner- I’m going to make a hummus tray for appetizer, and a Creamy Baked Ziti with veggies and Beyond Meat Italian sausage inside. I also bought a box of Trader Joe’s soft snickerdoodles to bring for dessert.

Tofu Veggie Kabobs- I’m going to skewer cubes of tofu and veggies and grill them with bbq sauce and serve over brown rice.

Tomato Soup- My sister found this recipe for a creamy tomato soup and said it was great, so I’m going to try it out too!

Lemon Asparagus Pasta- Brown Rice pasta tossed with asparagus, peas, and a lemon sauce.

Portobello Fajitas- I didn’t get to make these last week so I’m going to make them this week.

Chickpea Nuggets and fries- These looked interesting and looked like a fun dinner idea so I’ll try them out! All baked and from whole food ingredients!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy Easter!

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