Vacation Worthy Meals

Avocado toast

We’re at the beach for the week and we like to stay in for dinner as much as we go out while we’re here. My parents aren’t vegan, so we had to come up with a menu that could incorporate things that everyone would enjoy. When you’re cooking for a crowd, it can be hard to find things that work for everyone so here’s a few ideas that vegans and non vegans will love.

For breakfast I’ve been having fresh fruit salad, raisin toast, and today I made this yummy avocado toast. I brought hummus, white bean rosemary dip, and buffalo hummus so I had those for snacks and the base for veggie hummus sandwiches for lunch.

Faux Meaty Lasagna- My mom got the Beyond Meat crumbles that I’m going to make into a sauce for lasagna. I’m making a tofu ricotta and layered with whole wheat lasagna noodles it’ll be delicious! Salad on the side, please.

Teriyaki Stir Fry- I’m stir frying veggies with my teriyaki sauce and making rice for everyone and then I’ll add chickpeas to mine while they add shrimp to theirs.

Veggie Sushi– Everyone loves my veggie sushi! It’s fun to make and it’ll be a nice meal for everyone to enjoy. I’ll also try to find some veggie dumplings to go with it.

Black Bean Burgers- Bean Burgers are a great choice because everyone likes a good burger! These are simple made with quinoa and don’t require a food processor which is key because I don’t have one here. With a side of homemade fries, everyone will like it.

I hope this helps you realize that it’s possible to cook one meal for everyone’s needs and wants, and there doesn’t need to be a separate meal plan to complicate things. There’s lots of meals that everyone will enjoy!

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