Meal Planning 1.7.19

Vegetable Lasagna

It’s 2019! It’s hard to believe and it’s my goal to incorporate more whole foods into my recipes this year, which I did last year but want to go even further. The past few weeks over the holidays I’ve been slack with more junk food than I was eating before so I want to get back on track. I was reading something and it said try not to eat anything in a box or plastic and you’ll drop weight and feel so healthy quickly. I already cut out a lot of processed food, but I still snack on my favorite rice crackers almost daily, have some Dave’s Killer Raisin bread, and have whole wheat pasta at least once a week. I have pretzels for snacks and I NEED to get these Brookside Acai chocolates out of my house because the bag is almost empty after winter break. I found once I get into a habit of eating more of these processed foods, I crave more and more of them which is why I want to steer more towards whole foods so I can cut the cravings out as well. It’s hard! There’s so many delicious snacks and easy meals that are prepared and packaged and it’s convenient, I know. It’s easy to grab a bag of crackers to much on. I crave the salt! So we’ll attempt to not cut ALL of them out, but I find that if they’re not in my pantry it’s a lot easier not to have them so that’s my goal.

I just looked through my new Minimalist Baker cookbook for some meal inspiration for this week and I also fell back on some of my simple favorites. Tonight is date night at our favorite sushi restaurant and then the cooking nights begin!

Portobello Burgers– Which I didn’t get to last week so we’ll have them tomorrow!

Hearty 3 Bean Chili- I’m using Minimalist Baker’s recipe for this hearty 3 bean chili and it looks full of plant based protein and veggies. Topped with avocado and homemade tortilla strips, I think it’ll be delish.

Lasagna Soup- This is a creamy white based lasagna soup from RabbitsandWolves. You use cashew cream to make this a decadent creamy soup and I’m going to add some spinach and tomatoes to boost nutrition.

Burrito Bowls- These are a favorite in our house, as you know. Black beans with corn, peppers, and onions, on a bed of lettuce and brown rice. Top with your favorite toppings and it’s healthy and tasty.

Butternut Squash + Kale + Quinoa Bake- This looks like a super healthy, whole foods dinner from Minimalist Baker. The title really says it all! Add in mushrooms and bake with spices and yum!

Lavash Pizzas- These are so simple and good. Top whole wheat lavash with marinara, veggies, and nooch and bake until crispy. Perfect for Friday night!

I hope you have a wonderful week and these inspire you to include more plant based, whole foods into your meal plans as well!


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  1. Happy New Year to you! Yes, it can be daunting to get back into the routine of things but sounds like you have some great recipes planned to try out! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I hope you try and enjoy them!


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