Meal Planning 6.10.18

I made this Sesame Tofu and Broccoli the other night and didn’t include the sesame oil, and I didn’t coat the tofu because I baked it instead of frying it until crunchy. It was okay, but wasn’t fantastic. I’m not sure if it was just from the missing oil, but it tasted too tangy like the rice vinegar in it and I couldn’t balance it out with a little maple syrup and soy. Feel free to try it here-

I had my first full week of summer at home and most breakfasts were roasted potatoes and fruit or oatmeal and fruit, lunches were leftovers, and I tried to keep last week’s dinners pretty simple. When I went out I had sushi and salad which kept on HCLF pretty well, then I went out for date night and had margaritas, too many chips, a tofu taco and a hummus and veggie taco with rice and beans. I definitely had that as my off plan meal for the week, but if you haven’t tried Taqueria Tsunami yet you should really try it. It’s good and so affordable! They just opened one right near us, so we’re excited about it!

This week I also wanted to keep meals pretty simple and follow HCLF. The pounds are being stubborn coming off now and so I’m trying hard to really stick to the plan and do the best I can to see if I can shake these off. This is what I have planned-

Bean and rice Burritos– I have some leftover rice so I wanted to use it up and I’ve been craving burritos. Instead of going to pick one up, I’m going to make them with fat free retried beans and rice with other toppings wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Veggie Pad Thai- I’m going to use the box of rice noodles I bought to make a simple pad Thai with broccoli and mushrooms.

Fiesta Black Bean Salad- This looks like a perfect summer salad with black beans, mango, peppers, etc.

Baked beans, potatoes, asparagus- easy as that! Canned baked beans, roasted potatoes and asparagus for a simple summer dinner.

Mushroom and Pea Risotto- This is a creamy risotto made with veggie stock, wine, mushrooms and peas.

Falafel Wraps- For a quick dinner, I’m going to pull out my premade frozen falafel patties from last time I made them and put them in a pita with a High Carb Hannah tzatziki sauce.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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