Café Sunflower

Yesterday I met my bestie Dakota for lunch at a vegan restaurant in Sandy Springs, GA called Cafe Sunflower. She’s getting married this week in Las Vegas so we were talking about plans and details and it’s going to be beautiful! We’re so excited to go!

I’ve never been to an all vegan restaurant before and it was so nice to have a whole menu of items to choose from instead of just one or two like usual. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t even decide! The atmosphere was really clean, calm, natural, and hippyish which is funny because she used to be the hippy one. It got packed while we were there, so it’s a really popular place for an assortment of delicious vegan food. They have a large menu with appetizers, juices, burgers, wraps, salads, paella, Asian dishes, Mexican dishes, and a kids’ menu.

First we split the tofu and vegetable steamed dumplings and they were really flavorful, tender, and delicious. I ordered a second order to take him for Josh to try.

Dakota got the black bean quesadilla and I warned her some vegan cheeses taste weird, but she said it tasted great! That it was like a regular quesadilla. Another thing I love about her is she’s not picky. She didn’t care if it was a vegan restaurant, she likes any kind of food as long as it’s good and it was! After 20 minutes of indecisiveness, I finally chose the Portobello Wrap which was grilled portobello, tomato, spinach, lots of avocado, and basil pesto in a warm pita wrap with a side of chips and a dill cucumber salad. It was really tasty!

I would definitely recommend this restaurant for vegans and non vegans, it’s amazing food that everyone will enjoy. Josh wants to go next time! I ordered a chickpea burger with a side of sweet potato fries for him and took it home and it looked great as well. He gets to enjoy that for lunch today. I loved trying a new place with so many options to choose from, which makes me wish we had more vegan places in our area. I’m looking forward to trying more in Vegas!

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