Tempeh Gyros and Greek Potatoes

Tempeh Gyros and Greek Potatoes
Tempeh Gyros and Greek Potatoes

These were SO delicious! Josh and I used to go get gyros at a local mediterranean restaurant before we would go to the movies because they were amazing, and that’s something I’ve been wanting a vegan replacement for. Josh is Greek so at every big family gathering there is lamb and greek potatoes, so it’s good for us to have something as an oil free and vegan version. I’ve only ever used tempeh as a “sausage” crumble for pizza and lasagna so learning another way to use it was a lot of fun. It’s fermented soybeans and apparently easier on your stomach than regular tofu. You can crumble it, slice it, or cube it and I learned that if you boil it for 15-20 minutes before you use it that it will help take the bitterness out. I’ve never thought the Trader Joe’s Organic 3 Grain Tempeh was very bitter, but I did this step anyway. Paired with the herby greek potatoes, this was a filling and comforting meal that I’ll be making again soon.

My mistake after finding the recipe on Pinterest was not reading it through, so you need to know that the tempeh needs to boil for 20 minutes, cool, slice, and marinate for 4-6 hours or overnight so I pushed it back a night after I was planning on making it. I did those few steps the night before and then placed the slices in the marinade in the morning before I left for work. Also make sure to soak the cashews for the sauce the night before as well, because I forgot and my sauce wasn’t as smooth as I wanted.

Last night I had to bake the tempeh, cut and bake the potatoes, make the tzatziki, and slice up the toppings. It’s a process, so make it on a night that you have time for all of the steps because it’s worth it in the end. It makes about 6 servings, and I made the leftovers into a Greek bowl for lunch with potatoes, tempeh, toppings, and tzatziki.

I followed this recipe almost exactly so I’ll just leave the link here! I used the whole wheat pitas from TJ’s and heated them in the toaster oven before hand and used the leftover tempeh marinade to coat my potatoes before baking and I also added more oregano and some lemon juice.

Recipe Here- https://www.veggiesdontbite.com/tempeh-gyros/

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    I’m gonna give this one a try!


    1. You should! It was really tasty!

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