Meal Planning for Next Week

Cocoa Quick Oats with Fruit
Cocoa Quick Oats with Fruit

This weather in Georgia has been crazy! I’ve had the last 3 days off for SNOW DAYS and we only got about an inch, but yesterday was kind of icy. I won’t complain! I took the time to research a ton about the HCLF plant based diet and I had plenty of time to meal plan for next week and make a grocery list. I just got back from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and spent wayyyy more than I usually do for a week of groceries, about $200, but it’s still cheaper than going out a few times a week.

Oh, the picture above is what I had for breakfast. It was quick oats, water, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, cook with half a banana, and top with fruit. It was pretty bitter and wasn’t my favorite, but I’m not big on oatmeal anyway. I ate about half, but it kept me full a long time.

I had to get a lot of new basics that I didn’t have on hand, and had to sort out everything that I had that had oil and replace it,  so some of this stuff will last a lot longer than this week. As a majority of this lifestyle is whole food starch based, I decided to buy a rice cooker last night and I bought 3 kinds (short grain, basmati, regular) of brown rice today to try. I bought a TON of produce and new products to try so here’s what I have planned this week for our HCLF menu.

Vegetable Sushi Rolls– I bought nori sheets, short grain brown rice, and some cucumber, avocado, carrots, and spring mix to go inside. I bought a bamboo sushi mat, reusable chopsticks, and a rice paddle on Amazon as well.

Thai Almond Crunch Salad– This is a High Carb Hannah recipe with two kinds of cabbage, carrots, cilantro, chopped almonds, lime, and an almond butter dressing.

Black Bean Burrito Bowls- This is something we already have often. Brown rice, black beans, veggies, avocado, and salsa. Simple and delicious.

Vegetable Chickpea Soup with Noodles- I’m going to use fresh and frozen veggies, chickpeas, and cover it with water and a few spoonfuls of vegetarian better than bullion chicken and then add noodles last.

Bean and Veggie Corn Grilled Tacos- I bought white corn tortillas that had 2 ingredients, fat free refried beans from TJ’s, and onions, peppers, and mushrooms to go inside. I’ll fold them over and grill them on a grill pan. This is High Carb Hannah recipe, and she said they’re great to freeze and then reheat whenever you’re hungry.

Roasted Potato Wedge and Spinach Salad- I’m going to roast some potato wedges with spices and no oil, then add them to a bed of spinach then make a Smoky Mustard Maple dressing to drizzle on top. Also, this is from High Carb Hannah. It’s super simple, but it has all of the food groups and nutrients needed. And yes mom and dad, it does have plenty of protein.

Shopping List

Produce- avocados, spring mix, limes, raspberries, blueberries, onions (red and yellow), apples, clementines, cucumbers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, green and red peppers, baby spinach, broccoli, Napa cabbage, purple cabbage, bag of russet potatoes, cilantro, scallions, shredded carrots, refrigerated kombucha

Pantry– brown rice noodles, brown rice spaghetti, bags of brown rice, Nori sheets, onion powder, Better than Bouillon chicken and beef (vegetarian), coconut aminos, black beans, chickpeas, fat free refried beans, corn tortillas, fat free whole wheat pita, cashew butter (only ground cashews), nutritional yeast, salsa, brown mustard, maple syrup, veggie broth (365 brand has no oil), Annie’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce, Ponzu sauce, TJ’s Korean BBQ sauce

Frozen– TJ’s Shredded Potatoes, 4 veggie medley

Well I just shopped for the week and then Josh asked me to go to our favorite sushi place tonight so guess I’ll start tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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