Mushroom Bolognese

Pasta is up in my top 5 favorite foods because it’s so versatile, filling, comforting, and it takes a lot for me to get tired of it. It’s cheap and can feed a family for about a dollar! It’s my perfect base. I try to limit it to about once or twice a week for dinners though because I’m trying to stick to less processed and whole carbs. I made this delicious mushroom bolognese while we were at the beach and it was so tasty. I found a recipe for it on Pinterest that I’ll post below, and it called for wine but I didn’t want to break into my dad’s expensive wine stash for 1 cup so I used water and some extra spices. I didn’t add oil and just used a nonstick pan. I used fettuccine because I like a chewier noodle, but you could use whatever you want. It’s a thick and chunkier sauce than we’re used to, so the next night when we had it for leftovers I added in a half a jar of marinara sauce to add more at Josh’s suggestion. I made a big side salad and it’s such a perfect Sunday dinner. Plus it made enough for 3 meals!

Original recipe-

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