Meal Planning 2.23.19

Happy Saturday everyone!

We’re enjoying part of my week off at the beach and it’s another super foggy day so I just took the time to meal plan for the next TWO weeks! I have the time so why not? Well usually I don’t because by the next week I’ll be wanting certain things and bag what I already planned, but I wanted to share what I’ll be making next week. Above is a plain bagel with half spread with pb2 and banana with a drizzle of maple syrup and the other half with raspberry jelly. Perfect vaca breakfast because I rarely buy bagels anymore and it’s something anyone can make and enjoy for a filling breakfast.

I wanted to go back to the basics next week because I finally decided to weigh myself for probably the first time since October when all of the holidays began and unfortunately have gained 10 lbs. It’s embarrassing to tell you, and I’d rather not, but I thought if I tell you about my weight losses I need to be honest about my weight gains as well. It’s life. I thought maybe 5, but was shocked that it was 10! I suppose I need to get back to the basics of starch solution and back to watching my fat intake because apparently all the sweets and take out I had over the holidays aren’t great for weight loss… oops! Just goes to show me that I need to eat how I was eating if I want to maintain and can’t indulge in junk so often. It’s not just a number on the scale, I feel so much better and more comfortable in my skin and clothes when I’m at a certain weight range and want to get back to feeling that way. I’ve done it and know I can do it again. I also need to get in a workout routine again and care about getting in my steps again because I haven’t been caring. Upping my water will help as well. It’s a constant battle!

Here’s what I’m making this week. I’m thankful that when I’m feeling discouraged and want to get back on track I can do so by still eating the foods I love and not feel deprived, that’s the best part of this lifestyle. I’ll still be eating what I love, just in the right ways.

Mushroom Bolognese- That’s what I’m making tonight with carrots, onion, dried and fresh mushrooms sautéed down with tomatoes to make a sauce and thrown together with fettuccine. I’ll make a side salad as well with Skinnygirl Balsamic.

Tofu Scramble- My friend gave me a block of tofu for Valentines as a joke so I’m using to make a tofu scramble. I’ll sauté veggies with crumbled tofu and add a bit of spices like turmeric, onion powder, and garlic and serve with roasted potatoes or toast.

Easy Chickpea Curry- This is my go to Chickpea curry recipe that I made up on a whim and I love it. It’s so good and easy to make so I’ll make that once more. It’s full of plant based protein, veggies, and I use almond milk to keep the fat content lower and serve over brown rice.

Tempeh Pad See Ew- I finally found wide rice noodles at the Publix here at the beach so I can finally make my own pad see ew! Hooray! I’m marinating a block of tempeh (fermented soybeans) in a soy based sauce then sautéing with veggies then adding the rice noodles and sauce to make my favorite Thai dish. I usually get it with tofu but since I’ll already be making tofu this week I decided to try it with tempeh.

Bean Quesadillas- I’ll be making a veggie based nacho cheeze sauce to add in our quesadillas with black beans, peppers and onions. Maybe mushrooms? Yum!

I’m ready for this new week to start even if that means vacation is over because we’re remodeling our master shower and I can’t wait to see the final result. So exciting! I hope everyone has a great week and I hope you enjoy these meal ideas!

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