Meal Planning 1.27.19


This past week, I threw together meals mostly with leftovers because Josh has been away and I haven’t been making gourmet meals nightly. We went to Keystone over the MLK weekend and had a blast tubing and playing in the snow. There wasn’t very many vegan options there so it was tough. I didn’t feel great because I had altitude sickness, and then came home and hit my head on a metal pole on the jungle gym and got a mild concussion so it’s been a wild week! I’ve been laying low and not cooking much. I had my teacher friends over for Italian Game Night and I made a delicious baked ziti with cashew cream and added spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant and it was so good. Everyone really enjoyed it and they brought a salad and bread. I made some rosemary white bean dip with veggies and crackers then got these amazing sandwich cookies from Trader Joe’s for dessert. YUM!

I’ve eaten not very healthy this weekend with Chinese takeout Friday and we got mock chick’n salad wraps from Whole Foods for dinner last night so I need to get back to more plant based low fat foods this week. It’s the weekend struggle, right? It’s all about balance. Here’s what I’m planning for this week-

3 Bean Chili- I’m FINALLY making this tonight after having it on my meal plan for the last 3 weeks. It’s a recipe from Minimalist Baker and luckily I only had to rebuy a green pepper because the rest of the ingredients like canned beans and sweet potatoes remained fine.

BBQ Tempeh Pizza- I’m going to create my own BBQ pizza on whole wheat pizza dough with crumbled bbq flavored tempeh, cauliflower, mushrooms, red onion, and cilantro. YUM!

Spaghetti and Chickballs- One of our favorite recipes ever, they’re so tasty! Plus they’re great leftover.


Veggie Sushi- I’m going to make some easy sushi rolls with spring mix, cucumber, and avocado. I might even have some veggie gyoza from the freezer.


Lentils and Rice- I’m bringing one of our favorites back that we haven’t had in a while. It’s seriously the easiest recipe ever and it’s delicious.


Hope you have a wonderful week and these ideas inspire you to make them for yourself!

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