Meal Planning 10.28.18


I’ve been meaning to try this Miyoko’s Un-Lox Your Dreams vegan cream cheese since I spotted it in Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago so when trying to come up with an appetizer for Saturday football games, I thought it was my time to try it out! For the game I sliced a ciabatta baguette and topped each with a schmear of this goodness and a few cucumbers then sprinkled dill to top them. They were a hit! Everyone enjoyed them, and they kind of reminded me of the little tea sandwiches from childhood except with the smoky, tanginess of lox.

I couldn’t get enough so this morning I topped a toasted ciabatta roll with more of this vegan cream cheese and more cucumber with an apple on the side. I love combining this cream cheese with the cool, crispness of the cucumbers. Who needs a bagel anyway? I mean I would have enjoyed one but this did the trick. I definitely recommend this as a fun treat!

Happy Halloween week! I can’t believe the start of the holidays is approaching and we all know how fast it goes from here on out. Here’s what I’m making this week!

Vegetable Pot Roast– I never made this last week so tonight I’m adding mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and onion into my le Creuset and roasting them with rosemary, no beef based stock, until tender.

Meatless Balls and Spaghetti- I found these on High Carb Hannah’s e book (Fully Cooked) and they’re red lentil based. I’ll serve them with marinara and spaghetti.

Chickpea Curry– I’m making a simple chickpea and zucchini curry over rice.

Spooky Pizzas- Perfect for Halloween, these vegan pizzas will be loaded with veggies and vegan cheese in lines like a wrapped mummy! We’ll also have some spiked apple cider and white bean-rosemary dip.

Hoisin Noodle Stir Fry– I’ll be stir frying my usual favorite veggies with rice noodles and a hoisin based noodle sauce. YUM! I saw make something like this last week and knew it had to be on the menu this week.

Tortilla Taco Soup- This soup will have black beans, corn, and tomatoes and topped with spicy tortilla strips.

I hope this sparks your interest in meal planning for the week! One of our family friends asked how long it takes me to meal plan for the week and honestly, it’s usually no longer than 15-20 minutes. First write the days of the week on the backside of the paper and look around Pinterest, blogs, and instagram for ideas. Pick something for each day you want to cook, and as you go, write the ingredients you need on the front side of the paper. Believe me, it’s worth your time and it makes the week go so much smoother when you have your meals planned and prepped.

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