Meal Planning 8.6.18

Asian Noodle Bowl
Asian Noodle Bowl

This week has been super busy with going back to school with the kids, and planning my cousin’s bridal shower that was yesterday. Whew! So far my class seems like they’ll be an adorable bunch, and the shower went perfectly so now I can breathe out a sigh of relief! I went to get the flowers for the shower Friday after school, so I quickly decided to meal plan after school so that I could grab everything while already at Trader Joe’s. I hope this week is a little calmer, and with some simple meals it will help my sanity.

Above is a speedy meal I put together on Friday, with broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini,  brown rice noodles, and a simple no oil teriyaki sauce with sprinkled with scallions.

Yesterday at the shower, we threw it at Bistro VG in Roswell and they knew ahead I was vegan and prepared a great vegan meal for me. They brought out a simple lettuce, beet, shaved potato salad to start and made a sautéed mix up of fingerling potatoes, green beens, corn, and portobellos. I also had a side of grilled bread. Josh and I went out for dinner to a newish sushi place called Monkey 68, and I didn’t see many vegan choices on the menu. We ordered edamame to start, and I asked if they could just make a mixed vegetable roll and it was really tasty! They even apologized at the end saying they don’t have many options now, but they will hopefully have more in the future.

Here’s what I have planned this week-

Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Broccoli- I saw High Carb Hannah posting a picture of her mashed potatoes with a simple brown gravy made with mushrooms and onions simmered in soy sauce and then blended with white beans. It seems like it would be a different, but tasty option, since I haven’t made gravy since my Thanksgiving fail.

Chickpea Balls with Pasta- This is one of Josh and I’s favorite meals because they are so delicious! They stay together and the recipe for these are already on my blog. I brought some pasta home from Italy and I think I’m ready to enjoy it!

Dr. Praeger’s Burgers and Asparagus- I have Open House one night this week, so I needed something that I can throw together quickly when I get home late. We had these last week and they were tasty, so we have two more to have this week.

Veggie Sushi- I’m making some vegetable sushi since I haven’t made it in a while!

BBQ Crispy Tofu and Brussels Bowl– Crispy baked tofu slathered with BBQ sauce and roasted brussel sprouts and mushrooms, served on a bed of brown rice sounds like just what I need in my life.

Refried Bean Burritos- I’m going to wrap up a tortilla with refried beans, leftover rice, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and guacamole. These were SOO good last time I made them, so it’s time to make them again.

I hope you all have a fabulous week, and some of these options are right up your alley. I love seeing that some of you are making these recipes during your busy week as well! It makes me so happy to know I can help others make great meals for themselves and their families.

If you make something from the blog, I’d love to see you post it! You can post it on instagram and tag it as #charmingchickpea, we can have our own page to share. Thanks!

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