Vegan Beachin’

I’ve spent this week at the beach relaxing with family and my bestie, so I haven’t been posting many recipe because I haven’t been cooking much. We’re in Blue Mountain Beach near Seaside, FL. As I mentioned, I packed a lot of food to have as back ups in case there weren’t many options for me to eat here, since last time was beyond frustrating, but luckily this time has been a lot easier eating vegan so I haven’t even had to dip into some of the things I brought. The first night we got down here we went to a restaurant called Surfing Deer and it’s one of few in the area that has some vegan options and they label them on the menu which is always helpful. It’s a beautiful restaurant with an awesome patio with a view of the ocean and little pools giving it an almost Mediterranean feel. The only complaint was that the service was extremely slow. I ordered the Strawberry Fields salad to start which had kale, strawberries, vegan honey, vegan feta spread, and puffed quinoa and it was fantastic! For dinner, I ordered the watermelon poke tostadas under the appetizers section. The watermelon and cucumber was fresh and the spread underneath gave it a more savory/sweet element. They were tasty as well.

For my dad’s birthday I made him some avocado and tomato toast on fresh multigrain sourdough bread he’d gotten from the bakery with a drizzle of sriracha and everything but the bagel seasoning. There was also fresh cut peaches on the side, I had the same thing and YUM!

We had a big family cookout by the pool on the 4th and I made my usual oil free hummus with toasted pita and tortilla chips and also Cowboy Caviar (both previously posted on the blog.) I guess I was hungry because I forgot to take a picture before I started eating! There were so many things to eat for dinner! I made my tofu based classic dill potato salad, grilled vegetable kebabs, and marinated a portobello and grilled for a burger. Also we had baked beans and watermelon. Everything was really great and no one could tell the potato salad wasn’t mayo based, win win.

Last night we went to Grayton Beer Company which is a new restaurant in the area. It used to be Craft Bar which had a bigger cocktail section and I preferred the food there more I think. They had two vegan options on the menu, a black bean and quinoa stuffed pita or a vegetarian bowl. I got the veggie bowl without yogurt and it was quinoa, kale, roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash, tomatoes, and toasted pepitas. It was mixed with olive oil or something pretty bland. It was good and I was happy with it, I just thought it needed a little more flavor.

Tonight we’re ordering pizzas by the pool which is always a good kid friendly option. I’ll just have a veggie pizza without cheese and be happy! Off to one more beautiful beach day!

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