Vegan Buckeyes

Vegan Buckeyes

I always bake a ton over the Christmas season and all of my go-to recipes still need veganized. I usually make a chocolate peanut butter fudge, so when I found this vegan buckeye recipe I thought it could be a good replacement. I made these today to give to my team at school for a little Christmas present and hope they’ll be a hit!

They took a lot more melted chocolate than the recipe called for so be prepared with extra and I thought they would be prettier with a melted peanut butter drizzle on top so I added that. They’re more time consuming because they take time to set in the freezer before dunking and then set in the fridge again, but they sure do look yummy! Anyone have a favorite vegan Christmas treat to share with this newbie?

Recipe here

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  1. veganmom7 says:

    Lol! It looks like we had the same idea! My recipe is a bit different – I used pumpkin to make the inside creamy. Yours look delicious too!


  2. Leigh goolsby says:

    I love these so much it looks so good your so creative!


    1. You’re so sweet Leigh!


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