Weekly Dinner Planning

Our Weekly Menu
Our Weekly Menu

Meal planning is something I usually look forward to every weekend. I curl up on the couch with my huge mug of tea and look for recipes that I want to cook that week, then make my grocery list accordingly. I might decide to switch things up based on our taste, but I’ve never been more thankful for Pinterest recipes since we went vegan{ish}. I try to make things I haven’t made before so it’s always new and a semi-scary experiment. I’ve searched for sites that had their weekly plans laid out with the recipes given, but could never find one that was easy to follow or sounded tasty to me. Hopefully this helps you make your weekly meal plan and you enjoy the recipes I chose! I try to make things in different categories (or cultures) each night, and I’m striving to make balanced, healthy meals (even if my scale isn’t telling me so).

My teacher friend Kaly used her Cricut to make this awesome weekly menu and it’s one of my favorite things in my kitchen! Here’s what we’re having this week, and I’ll update you on how they turned out! Another nightly adventure begins!

Fresh 2 Order salad- I love their Asian salad! It’s filled Mixed Baby Greens, Candied Walnuts, Tomatoes, Avocado, Sesame Seeds, Pickled Ginger, Mandarin Oranges, Szechuan Peanuts, Crispy Noodles, and Dijon Vinaigrette. Yum!

Mahi Burgers and Fries– I bought frozen Mahi Mahi burgers from Trader Joe’s so we’re going to give them a try. I’m planning on topping them with lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Also, I’m going to slice a potato to bake fries in the oven. * Update- They tasted like hard fish sticks. They’re a no go.*

Portobello Fajitas- Sliced portobellos, onions, bell peppers, tossed in  homemade taco seasoning and baked to perfection with little clean up! It’s the easiest way to make fajitas and they’re delicious in a soft taco or on top of quinoa with your favorites Mexican toppings (avocado, lettuce, salsa, cucumber, etc.)

BBQ Chickpea Bowls–  BBQ roasted chickpeas, sweet potato, crispy brussel sprouts, kale chips, and quinoa to make a healthy and filling bowl of goodness.

Thai Veggie Curry– I have to wait until I know Josh isn’t home for dinner because he hates curry, but I love it. I found a Thai Vegetable Curry recipe I’m going to try out for a friend and I.

Gyozas over Asian Stir Fried Vegetables– Easiest dinner ever. We love the Thai Shrimp Gyozas (frozen) from TJ’s and I also found precut mixed Asian vegetables in the frozen section. I’m going to pan fry the dumplings and serve them over the mixed veggies with some kind of soy inspired sauce.

I’ll be returning with how each meal turned out if you would like to follow my meal plan a few days or weeks after so that you don’t even have to think of meals! Sometimes planning is the hardest part. Easy Peasy (Lemon Squeezy) my students would say!


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  1. Liz says:

    Such a cute idea!


    1. Thank you! It was a fun gift!

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