Tofu and Vegetable Ramen

Tofu and Vegetable Ramen
Tofu and Vegetable Ramen

This fall I had bronchitis twice, which led to my stomach being in knots from two rounds of antibiotics. All I wanted was warm comfort food and I knew chicken noodle soup wasn’t an option. I searched vegan soup recipes and this looked right up my alley. I used premade dried ramen noodles (from the packages I used to love growing up) to make it taste like my old classic and it also helped speed up the cooking time. I also couldn’t find miso, so that and the sriracha weren’t included. I had to make a trip to Whole Foods to find the vegetarian beef flavor of Better Than Bouillon, but it was worth the extra stop. I made this late one night and it took about 15 minutes before I was slurping away, cuddled up on the couch. It was fantastic and I ate it for days! Recipe here



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