Shepherd’s Potatoes

This is a recipe from the Bosh cookbook that I tried last week and they were really tasty! It’s a mix between shepherd’s pie and a twice baked potato and they’re filled with a lentil gravy mixture. They were savory, filling, and felt like a really hearty meal. They’re also visually appetizing and would be great to serve when people come for dinner because it’s in all in one dinner and would be great with a side salad. I bought prediced mirepoix mix and steamed lentils in the refrigerated section from Trader Joe’s so it came together much more quickly and it was a nice shortcut if you don’t feel like adding in those steps. I also replaced the vegan butter with plant milk in the mashed potato portion and it worked out to still be creamy for the top. It made extra so I ended up add the leftovers to make a little shepherd’s pie in my loaf pan for later.

Bosh’s Recipe-


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